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Live from Hotel Costes

Sound Design


Based on your concept and criteria, we’ll make an intial musical pre-selection : lyrical or dynamic, recent or classic, iconic or rare – always a high-quality selection.
From these genres, we’ll take the listener on a fun and stimulating auditory journey that will pique their curiosity, bring back memories and stir up all kinds of emotions.
The songs flow smoothly into one another with a consistent sound level so nothing will take away from the experience. Everything is geared for coherence and in tune with the values of your brand.

Once you have approved your exclusive play lists, engineered to work as a whole but adequately diverse to allow notable changes in atmosphere, we’ll play them on your network thanks to our unique audio solution : the WYM app. This autonomous and flexible software allows you to control your playlists and modify them – based on the atmosphere of the space and the time of day – all remotely and in real-time, through the use of a dedicated tablet and a smartphone.
With this easily configurable player, you can choose other playlists, create your own from the existing library, repeat tracks, just let them play or plan a change of mood for a specific moment ahead of time.