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Live from Hotel Costes


Watch Your Music is a sound design agency based out of London and Paris, which offers a whole range of customized artistic solutions.

A singular approach which emphasizes an emotional narrative for a deeper consumer experience and which offers a twist on the traditional sound marketing.

A collection consisting of thousands of carefully chosen pieces that range from the beautiful to the bizarre and the iconic to the original and unreleased.

A keen awareness of the challenges of sonic communication.

A service committed to anticipating your needs through respect and dialogue to better handle your expectations and saving you any unnecessary costs.

Professional expertise and know-how based on fifteen years of prestigious partnerships.

An in-depth knowledge of the luxury, fashion and high-end hospitality industries as well as the underground scenes

A pair of precision, expert ears, creators driven by passion for rare and avant-garde music.

An existing team of skilled and creative partners with an array of talents (curators, composers, graphic artists, videographers, psycho-acousticians, DJs, event managers, technicians, developers and coders) who can guarantee consistency as well as relevance for any project

Watch your Music is a sound design agency based out of London and Paris which offers a whole range of artistic and technical solutions – both customized and innovative – that bring an sonic identity to your venue, your brand and your events. Watch your music is for all those who know that having a distinctive sound is essential to the purchasing experience – something that simply cannot be faked for the demanding and hyper-connected modern-day consumer.

Brands must make an impact on the consumer imagination in order to grow, using the right tools to create a unique emotional experience. To express your brand’s uniqueness, Watch Your Music offers a service that takes your brand’s guiding principles and transforms them into music.

Watch Your Music is a creation of Malik Alary and Mathieu Massadian. In 2009, Malik Alary started the sound design agency, la Musique du Faubourg with the help of Stéphane Pompougnac. The agency gained quick critical acclaim while working with several brands like Air France (for its « onboard radio »), l’Hôtel Costes and the Coya group. Mathieu Massadian (Nova Records/Radio Nova) joined the ranks of la Musique du Faubourg in 2015, which became Watch your music in 2016,

a new versatile agency offering specialized but simplified technical solutions adapted especially for new technologies. Run by demanding and knowledgeable music lovers who have worked as djs, programmers and sound illustrators for the past 15 years, Watch your music endeavors to promote quality music.


Once you have approved your exclusive play lists, engineered to work as a whole but adequately diverse to allow notable changes in atmosphere, we’ll play them on your network thanks to our unique audio solution : the WYM app. This autonomous and flexible software allows you to control your playlists and modify them – based on the atmosphere of the space and the time of day – all remotely and in real-time, through the use of a dedicated tablet and a smartphone.
With this easily configurable player, you can choose other playlists, create your own from the existing library, repeat tracks, just let them play or plan a change of mood for a specific moment ahead of time.
Don’t have a lot of time? We can program a relevant music rotation based on the time and location with tracks that you have already approved. We’ll also provide regular updates of the music database to include the most recent trends.

  • Air France

    Air France

    Playlists pour une radio ``on board``.

  • Restaurant Veneta (groupe Salt Yard, Londres)

    Restaurant Veneta (groupe Salt Yard, Londres)

    Création de l’univers sonore & direction artistique. Etude acoustique & mise en place de l’équipement audio.

  • Sketch (Londres)

    Sketch (Londres)

    Sound design, programmation DJ & direction artistique des évènements

  • Le Double Club de la Fondazione Prada (Londres)

    Le Double Club de la Fondazione Prada (Londres)

    Sound design & direction artistique des évènements privés du restaurant, bar et club

  • Hotel Costes

    Hotel Costes

    DJ Set (Residence hebdomadaire)

  • Chiltern fire house

    Chiltern fire house

    DJ Set (Residence hebdomadaire)